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About Us

Kingsley Francis has been called by our Lord Jesus Christ to preach the gospel to the nations by the power of the Holy Spirit. He and his wife Blessy Francis , together with their four children currently reside in Melbourne, Australia.


Kingsley Francis was born in a Christian family in South India . At the age of 14, he became a born-again Christian. In his young age itself, he used to feel the anointing power of God in his body . But then he couldn't realise that it was the power of God.


Later, as a teenager, he began his preaching in youth groups and small prayer groups. After completing higher studies, he moved to Singapore for a job. In Singapore, on 5th February 2005, he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit while attending one of the prayer meetings of Prophet Shyju Mathew from Revive Nations. During his encounter he saw in the light, a person walking towards him. There he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

After two weeks of this spiritual encounter, he could attend one of Benny Hinn’s crusade and there again, the power of God touched him. He believed that Pastor Benny Hinn is his spiritual father. Reading the book 'Welcome Holy Spirit' by Benny Hinn, changed his life and he received the knowledge and revelation about the Holy Spirit. He accepted his calling for ministry in his life. After that he got married to Blessy and had a beautiful daughter named Natasha.

Few years later he moved to Melbourne Australia ,with his wife and daughter. He continued his preaching and evangelization to the people of God ,as God anointed him for the healing and miracle ministry. In one occasion while ministering in East Africa, he could literally see God healing a 4-year-old girl who had a twisted arm . God's healing was witnessed through similar other miracles as well.

In 2016, Prophet TB Joshua had laid hands on him when he visited SCOAN in Nigeria. Later his ministry brought in prophetic deliverance and healing through the impartation. The same year Pastor Benny Hinn had also laid his hands on him when he attended one of his meetings in Montreal Canada. In 2019, Pastor Benny Hinn ordained him as a minister of the gospel in Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas USA.
Since then God is using him to preach the word of salvation, bring deliverance and healing to many people around the world.


“The power of the Holy Spirit is immeasurable, no one can measure the power of the Holy Spirit.”


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